Akansha Agrawal
NUS Delegate candidate


Looking for a real difference? Me too!

Life as a student can be tough and having an opportunity to make it easier is a boon! If you are looking forward to a delegate who will genuinely listen to your concerns and bring about changes, then I'm your go-to.

I’m studying Master's in Management (Finance) and look forward to setting goals in the favour of the students. From railcards for students to removal of postgraduate loan cap for those over 30, NUS has been accomplishing noteworthy missions. I intend to take it ahead and make a bigger, unimaginable impact! Being an international postgraduate student, give me the ability to relate to the concerns of graduates, undergraduates, and international students. I believe that change comes from us – the students. So, we can either write a chapter that is, perhaps, the same as earlier or make it the best one yet! I aim to make it the best one! I can be your link for any difficulties, suggestions, or any opportunity for student welfare. With your votes and support, I know we can aim for success like never before! We need a fresh approach that offers new solutions to old problems, and I’m confident that I can provide this. I’m really passionate about bringing in creative ideas that serve the students. I would love it if you voted for me and allowed me to make the changes that we need!