Assembly Updates

Here you can find all of the Assembly updates for the upcoming Assembly on 3 June.

Officer updates



JCR PresComm:

  • Things are much more normal! Sports, socs, etc back up and running
  • Planning events
  • Working on drug testing kits and harm reduction with the SU
  • Talking about improving training for next year
  • A few Presidents on Accommodation Charging Group, which has looked at price differentiation on room size and catering
  • Working with the CRT on making it less enforcement-based



SwDA - In the past months Students with Disabilities Association has participated in a number of discussions concerning the university facilities, sexual misconduct and violence policy and student support. With the lifting of restrictions, we can now offer in-person drop ins in the form of Welfare Walks, alongside online drop ins, both of which can be arranged on demand by emailing Our wonderful welfare and campaigns officers have launched a Welfare blog and have run a number of campaigns on our social media. There are also some excellent career opportunities aimed for students with disabilities (and some especially for neurodiverse students) so do keep an eye out for these opportunities or get in touch with us to find out more. Finally, we are looking for keen students to run for our exec next year. Experience is not required, so do get in touch if you are interested. Nominations will open on Friday 4th June at 9am and will close Wednesday 9th at 1pm. Voting will open on Thursday 10th June at 9am and will close on 14th June at 11am. We will be posting the detailed instructions on how to nominate yourself on our social media, so stay tuned. We hope everyone has a wonderful rest of term and summer!

LGBT+ - The LGBT+ Association has had a successful year - maintaining strong event turnout, launching a detailed intersectionality campaign, providing welfare, and raising money for the Albert Kennedy Trust. We will be resuming our welfare drop-ins after exams have finished.
We are currently attempting to bring the community together through safe in-person events. For each intersection of our community (e.g. non-binary, POC, women loving women) we will be hosting an outdoor social picnic, culminating in a larger picnic to celebrate pride after June 17th. We will also be relaunching our radio show, supporting Mary’s Pride Day, and hosting a club night to provide a space for LGBT+ students.
Our other priority is our upcoming elections. Candidates can nominate themselves between the 3rd and 10th of June. Voting opens on the 17th and finishes on the 22nd. Before this can happen our association looks to amend handover rules and get another exec member financed trained so an adequate handover can occur. This year has been hard on our community but we are starting to come together.