These applicant societies will be going to Societies Committee when they meet sometime between 8th - 10th November. Below are the names of the societies and their aims. If any existing societies have any comments on the society then please email by noon on Wednesday 8th November. 


Cooking Society
The aim is to improve the culinary expertise and enjoyment of Durham students. It aims to educate and provide a platform for mutual interests to bring together cooks and foodies alike. We may run 'Come dine with me' or 'Masterchef' style competitions. It will be especially beneficial for first years who can rarely cook for themselves when catered. For other years, it will be a chance to eat food other than mince, and continue seeing first year friends. We aim to teach food and drink pairing. We aim to advise on food budgeting and responsibly sourcing food. We aim to allow many people to have many meals together. We most of all aim to have enjoyable evenings, centred around food.

Skate Society
Skateboarding is inherently a social sport. The primary aim of our society is to allow fellow skateboarders to meet each other in order to maximize the level of community between Durham skaters. Other aims include increasing access to local skate parks through lift sharing schemes, improving the image of the skate community through public engagement days and lastly having a good time with friends.

Super Smash Bros. Society
The main aim of the society is to bring those who share a common interest in the game together and have fun playing and meeting new people. The society will provide access to the hardware needed to play Smash (e.g. Wii Us and monitors) which may otherwise not be available to all students. There will also be a focus on helping less experienced players who want to improve at the game. Smash soc also aims to introduce members to local tournaments outside of Durham.

Circus Society
The aims of the society would be to: - enable students to learn unicycling and juggling skills. - provide a safe space for students to come together and meet new people. - work with local organisations such as to provide students with discounted equipment.

Classical Theatre Society
To connect the Classical and modern world together. To provide a place for traditional languages in today's society, whether that be Ancient Greek, Latin or vital place of reception in Shakespeare's works.

DH1 Records
The main aims of the label is to give help Durham University students skills that are otherwise hard to come by. The music industry is incredibly difficult to get into, and these skills would be invaluable. Durham is filled with incredibly creative people and one of the aims of the label is to nurture this creativity and to give students a platform to express it. We feel that this label would not only attract creative people and people who are into music, but also those who are business minded. Another core aim is to promote the talents of Durham University students, whether they are musicians, producers, graphic designers, photographers or more business minded.

United Nations Women
The aim of the Durham UN Women group, is to emulate the work done by the global UN Women body. The group will provide a platform for members to discuss, debate, coordinate campaigns and share resources, focusing on a number of issues that are covered by the UN Women. The group will also aim to collaborate with other societies for functions, campaigns and fundraisers. The main focus of the group will follow closely that of UN Women Leadership and political participation Ending violence against women Peace and Security Humanitarian Action Sustainable development HIV and AIDS

Code Wars
The society will run events throughout the year, in person and online, in which members of the society will compete to write the best AI for a game or task specified by the society. In addition, the society will put forward teams of members to compete in MIT battlecode, a society at MIT with similar aims.

Laidlaw Society
The Laidlaw Scholarship in Research and Leadership provides funding for students with two full years left in their course to design and pursue two six-week periods of research during their summer break. As scholars, we are an interdisciplinary group with a wide range of interests and study topics. The Laidlaw Society exists for scholars to share their ideas and research, and to advertise the scholarship to the rest of Durham's student community.

Durham Women In Politics
1.2.1 Introduce opportunities to young people in politics both in academia and the public and private sector. 1.2.2 Aid and mentor women who face difficulties in getting their voices heard in mainstream groups. The aim is to give them confidence to pursue their goals. 1.2.3 Raise awareness for the issues that women face in politics and associate fields. 1.2.4 Hold engaging and helpful events

Society for the Study of Religion
The Society for the Study of Religion aims to provide a social safe space to connect various students interested in the study of religion and society. The society is not determined by a department, but by an interest, linking anthropologists, sociologists, historians, ethnomusicologists, etc. in the non-theological study of religion. By creating a space in which undergraduates and postgraduates intersect outside of the seminar or classroom, we hope to flourish an interest in higher academic goals for undergraduates, as well as providing them with safe social net they can rely if they ever struggle. We hope to also bridge together multiple different approaches to the study of religion, to broaden the understanding and appreciation for the diverse and inter-disciplinary field. We also aim to connect our members to religious movements occurring directly around them they may be unaware of, or have not actively discussed either in the classroom or out. This will be achieved through a planned trip, at least twice a year, in which interested members will visit a religious site or place of worship in the surrounding Durham area, and sometimes beyond.

COCO Society
COCO’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by providing children with quality education and promoting sustainable development projects in marginalised communities. Our aim as a Durham society is to raise awareness about COCO’s work and to give members exciting opportunities to get involved with events that will not only unite students from across the university but will also raise funds for a really good cause. The society aims to host smaller fundraising events within the colleges, as well as around campus, creating a presence within the university community. However, the main fundraising focus of the society will be the larger termly event, these aim to be all inclusive and hope to promote charitable giving as well as raising awareness of the work the charity.

Durham Disk-Jockey Society
- Arrange paid gigs for our advanced DJ members. - Continue with the daily operation of the DDJS Blog. - Host a weekly radio show on Purple Radio. - Host DDJS Student Nights.

Friends of MSF
Friends of MSF (doctors without borders) is a society that would help MSF with fund raising and awareness humanitarian needs around the world, particularly in areas of extreme need or conflict. Friends of MSF would help university students get involved and guide them in ways they could practically get involved during term time, outside term time and after graduation.

Techno Society
To provide members with a means to produce and perform electronic music at organised events in and around Durham.

Effective Altruism Durham
How can we use our resources to help others the most? Effective Altruism Durham is part of the global Effective Altruism movement that aims to answer this one simple question and make the most beneficial impact for the world. 
Through meetups, career workshops and guest speakers, Effective Altruism Durham will help you figure out how you can do the most good!
Our Aims: - To inform students about the Effective Altruism movement. - To help students find a fulfilling career that can make a big impact. - To create a friendly community that wants to do good better.

East Asian Economics, Social and Political Research Society
1. Promote and assist the learning of East Asian Economies: Referencing the East Asia Pacific Economic Update, April 2017 published by the World Bank, economies of developing East Asia and Pacific are projected to expand at 6.2 percent in 2017 and 6.1 percent in 2018, which is numerously a lot higher than developed countries such as the UK (1.8% in 2016); and the USA (1.6% in 2016). As reported by eurostat in 2017, China, Singapore and Hong Kong alone accounted for more than half of the EU-28’s FDI positions in Asia at the end of 2015. The close relationship between Europe and East Asian countries increases the chances for Durham’s graduates to liaise with Asian businesses on a business level. Combining both factors of the rapid development speed of East Asia, and the close trading partnership between Europe and East Asian countries, it is especially vital for Durham’s graduates to develop a high level of understanding of the East Asian markets in university’s education. This society provides a platform for students who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the East Asian economies in the academic perspective, but also helps equipping students with a considerable amount of commercial awareness on the East Asian markets - skills that are cherished by a large number of employers. 
2. Encourage East Asian students to contribute personal knowledge and understanding of East Asian Economies to facilitate the learning process: The diverse background is one of the most cherished assets of Durham University. Based on official publication of Durham University, the largest cohorts of students come from the “Chinese”/ “Mixed-Asian” and “Other-Asian” as of August 2017. Having a large group of students from East Asia, who have work experiences in the Asian environment during their penultimate year, their personal experiences and understanding help opening up a new channel for all Durham students to develop knowledge on the East Asian markets. As accommodating the diverse student backgrounds are one of the valued university’s practice, the involvement of students with different backgrounds also promote university’s notion to develop a truly international learning environment.

Durham Oxfam Society
- Standing up against injustice and tackling poverty - Raising awareness of such social injustices - Educating other students and the local community about issues such a food banks and climate change - Campaigning for real change - Aiding the Oxfam charity in like with their goals - Developing skills such as organisation, teamwork and communication

FinTech Society
The primary aim of the FinTech Society will be to act as a platform for students to connect with leading members within the financial technology industry in addition to engaging with the latest developments and products within the sector. The society intends to host educational events to raise awareness of financial technology and equip our members with the skills and contacts that maximise their prospects for a career in sectors related to financial technology. We aim to regularly publish articles on the FinTech Society website to engage members of the wider student community in addition to enhancing the knowledge and skills of society members through the research and collaborative discussions involved in the process.

Commercial Affairs
Our priority is to help Durham students to raise their awareness for commercial affairs worldwide to help with their understanding of the business world. We also want to aid students who will be applying for placement schemes, ranging from first year open days to third year training contracts. Knowing that employers place such high value on student's knowledge of commercial affairs, we have set up this society with the aim of improving Durham student's employability throughout university life and beyond.

DiaSoc aims to be a place in which students can openly talk about the issues that life with Diabetes can involve. Being at university can be isolating enough without dealing with a complicated illness at the same time, and DiaSoc will provide students with a much needed group within which they can discuss their issues with people who actually understand. To promote the social aspect of the society, a mutually convenient time will be arranged every week of couple of weeks where the soc can meet up in a casual environment and chat.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact of drug abuse on our communities, but who also know that the “War on Drugs” is failing our generation and our society. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future. SSDP does this while fighting back against counterproductive policies – in particular, those that directly harm students and youth.

Hungarian Society
The aims and objectives of the Society shall be as follows: a. To create a tight-knit and inclusive community of Hungarian students and students interested in Hungarian culture by holding regular events and providing members with numerous opportunities to meet other members and make new friends. b. To support first-year members in moving to and settling in at Durham by providing guidance both in the form of informational documents and at pre-university events, sharing personal experience and answering any questions they may have. c. To create a support network that connects members and enables them to use their knowledge to help others in overcoming any difficulties they might experience and ensure that all members are aware that they have continual support they can rely on. d. To organise regular events in Durham such as but not restricted to get-to-know-each-other afternoons with Hungarian food, house parties, cooking/baking nights, film screenings, watching events of great importance to Hungarians together (e.g. football matches, political events inciting strong emotions), celebrating national holidays together, and organising trips to the seaside or UK touristic attractions to allow our members to discover the country. e. To organise regular outreach events in Hungary such as but not restricted to talks to promote Durham University in Hungarian schools, offer holder evenings where offer holders can ask questions and get to know our members, and pre-uni nights to provide prospective students, current students and alumni with the opportunity to form friendships and get excited about moving or returning to Durham if they still attend. f. To collaborate with Hungarian societies at other UK universities and organise joint events in Hungary with the same aims of promoting studying in the UK, and meeting new people. g. To organise joint events with other societies at Durham – international or otherwise -, and work closely together on building a diverse and active student community at the university. h. To act as a platform for intellectually challenging discussion on contemporary Hungarian matters. i. To aid members and other societies in campaigning for positive change, be it in the UK or in Hungary. j. To keep each and every one of our events accessible for everyone. k. To fully include non-Hungarian members and provide them with the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge about Hungarians and Hungarian culture. l. To make our society as diverse and inclusive as possible by building ties with the local Hungarian community and welcoming them at our events. m. To make the decision-making fully democratic, transparent and hold decision-makers fully accountable. We are already doing many of the aforementioned events, yet the lack of appropriate funds and coordination stemming from the absence of an official society have prevented us from implementing more, better organised and better attended events. Founding a Hungarian Society would enable us to reach our aims listed above.

Hairstyles and Lifestyles society
Since Durham University is a traditional and classic university, college formals are one of the most social places. Looking attractive and elegant with your hairstyle is important, as the hairstyle is the 2nd face of human beings. After learning different hair-dos suitable for different occasions, when students go for interviews, they can make a good impression. Hopefully, students will gain the ability of using different tools for creating different hairstyles which are suitable for casual events held by the society. The casual event will have specific themes,so that members can share various techniques of creating different hairstyles.

Interfaith Society
The Council for Christians and Jews (our main funders) was founded in 1947 in the wake of the Shoah to ensure that religious persecution grounded in scripture would never occur again. Originally focussed on Christian anti-semitism, they now fund events which incorporate all religions in the UK to address persecution which students of faith may experience. Our society will organise interfaith events and forums throughout the year.

Durham Business Psychology
Durham Business Psychology Society will organise both academic and social events for all students within the university focusing on psychology at work. Our goal: - give students an insight into how different psychological principles were used by managers (i.e. mostly human resources managers) to manage human capitals. - Increase employability by teaching key psychological skills that could be used to pass interviews and networking with senior managers. - Train members to be the employee that a company will look for by teaching different interpersonal skills for reacting correctly to an urgent situation Events and activities Academic event: - Organise talks from our work psychology professors and human resources officers from top companies to talk about how psychological principles are implicitly used by all company managers today and what they are looking for in an employee Social event - Workshops for students to use psychological tricks in different simulated business situations.

Chinese Tea Art Society
•To introduce and share different kinds of authentic Chinese tea, prepared and served in a traditional way. •Let members know more about China: traditional culture, eastern aesthetic perception and philosophy. •Create a comfortable and peaceful environment for socialising.

South Asian Society
- educate on South Asian culture and traditions - help integrate students of all backgrounds into the university - provide fun activities (such as Bollywood movie marathons, Holi festivities, cultural cooking, etc.)

5-a-Side Soc
A fun, friendly 5-a-side league once a week at MC culminating in playoffs at the end of each term. Open to all abilities.

Floorball Club
Provide a platform of people to have fun, keep fit,make friends and be exposed to a niche sport. And perhaps, in time, participate in competitions around UK.

Durham Après-Ski Society
The principle aim of the society is to encourage an appreciation of the Après-ski culture, and run a profitable snow sports themed ball complete with a 3 course meal, at a reasonable price in the second term. Back in Durham, deep into second term, it is natural that students will yearn for the care free and endlessly fun week many experienced at the end of the Christmas holidays, and for those who were not on Palatinalps it gives them a taste of the world famous Alpine Après. It is held a month or so after Palantinalps to encourage students to relive 'the peak of their lives' back at uni, and is in association with DUSSC and Palatinalps, and is aimed at the snowsports (Palatinalps and DUSSC) community within Durham, however all would be welcome at the event. Indeed, we would like to encourage a wide variety of students, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or ability.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association UK
AMSAs aims shall be: (a) To look after the welfare of Ahmadi Muslim students at Universities across the country, and seek to establish a genuine sense of community amongst them, through congregational prayers, Friday Prayers and social functions (such as meals out, sports, other indoor or outdoor activities etc). To provide any help necessary to Ahmadi students in achieving their goals during their studies. (b) To train and educate Ahmadi Muslim students in the true Islamic ways, to inculcate in them a love for Allah tala and Hazrat Khatamun Nabiyyin Muhammad Mustafasaw. To inculcate in them a spirit of serving Islam, country and mankind. To inculcate in them a drive to work for the welfare of mankind. (c) To present the Ahmadiyya Muslim perspective and its peaceful teachings under the motto of 'Love for all, Hatred for None', utilising whatever means appropriate. AMSA will give the religion’s views on a host of issues – ranging from theological to social to contemporary. AMSA will encourage and seek to build inter-faith relations with other faith societies and peacefully use inter-faith discussion circles to build and enhance strong bonds, whilst discussing important issues in a relaxed manner. (d) To host fundraising and goodwill works to strengthen Ahmadi students bonds with society. (e) To provide information to Ahmadi Muslims wishing to study in Universities across the country.

Hummus Society
The society simply aims to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which students can come together, socialise and, most importantly, enjoy their favourite food. Students should benefit from this opportunity to de-stress, meet new people and spend time with friends- and of course they will receive the health benefits of chickpeas!

Operation Christmas Child
We work alongside the wider community of 'The Samaritans Purse' to give students of Durham an opportunity to have a positive impact on children's lives across the globe. We act as a platform to raise awareness of the extreme poverty many children experience in many countries through the work of the global organisation 'Operation Christmas Child'. We provide opportunities for Durham students to give back into the community of Durham and many communities in the world. We act to tell of and show these children the love that God has laid on us in the practical way of gift-giving.

The aim of CrossFit Society is to provide a community for all those Durham students who are looking to lead a healthier and active lifestyle whilst managing their degree. Our objective is to increase the number of students who are regularly active (More than 30 minutes of dedicated exercise a week) at Durham University. This will be achieved by providing students with the opportunity to work-out in a new and exciting environment that entails “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity” – Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder.

Horseracing society
- To provide Durham's Racing enthusiasts with the opportunity to meet and enjoy the year's major (and maybe even minor) meetings together. - Perhaps more importantly, we aim to encourage people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in Racing, to get the chance to appreciate Britain's second most attended sport. - The Durham Horse Racing Society aims to promote a forward-thinking and collaborative culture which respects the strong heritage of British Racing as a sport and an industry.

Mediation Society
To introduce students to the growing area of Alternative Dispute Resolution, in particular Mediation, as a potential career choice. Students interested in pursuing a career in law may find such information particularly useful given its increasing use as a pre-litigation negotiating strategy in the field. To teach members the transferable interpersonal skills required for effective Mediation, and provide an opportunity to practice applying these skills while receiving constructive feedback.

Ecumenical Christian Council
To enable the different student Christian societies to work together for better witness to the Gospel in Durham, and the University, in partnership with the University Chaplaincies and other Christian Groups by: -Encouraging unity between Christians of different denominations, and none, around our shared belief in Jesus Christ's redemptive love for creation. -Affirming this faith by joining together in worship, fellowship and Christian mission wherever possible. -Facilitating interfaith and cross-denominational dialogue through joint events and meetings. -Bringing together denominational, and other Christian, societies in Durham in our shared faith. -Co-operating with the Cathedral, University Chaplaincies and other interested parties to provide lectures in an ecumenical setting that widen understanding of the Christian faith. -Engaging with all churches in Durham and actively including members of the local community, as well as students, thus creating a better dialogue between different groups within the same faith.

Points of View
Points of View Society provides a chance for you to become engaged in topics of discussion potentially otherwise unexplored by your degree. We aim to provide a platform for those who may not have experience in public speaking, so might be hesitant to formally debate in front of crowds. This society looks to inform its members about a massive range of topics, whilst also improving public speaking and persuasive skills in a casual setting.

Durham Global Awareness and International Collaboration Society
Our vision is simple: enriching our members’ knowledge on global issues through exchanging ideas with Asian students from completely different backgrounds with completely different values and experiences . 1.Promoting awareness of international issues occurring worldwide (each year emphasizing on a particular issue) 2. Bringing an inspiring and informative issue of a country for the field trip. 3. Providing an opportunity for students to gain an in-depth insight to the theme and the country itself through field trip, case competition and essay competition 4.Building a platform for students who have a common interest in gaining a Global vision and concerns about how the world develops. 5.Bonding a group of intelligent and idealistic future leaders with potential to be the pillar of their nations

The Colin Firth Society
Our societies aims include spreading our love for Colin Firth, demonstrating an insight into his extensive filmography, an open space for discussion and debate, to offer a light-hearted environment and last, but not least, to have Colin Firth come to Durham university. Spreading our love for Colin Firth would include: film nights where (upon purchasing a non-theatrical film license) we offer to society members free film nights of different Colin Firth releases. These would be followed in another week by a discussion on the subject material, raising debates on issues, such as classism in Kingsman, or feminism in Pride and Prejudice. On top of this, we plan to arrange trips out to the cinema whenever a new Colin Firth film is released. Society meetings aim to be fun and entertaining for all involved; from films to socials, we want to offer Durham students a way to unwind from the stresses of university. The world of Colin Firth is a perfect way to do this.

Free proDucts for Accessible Menstruation Campaign (FreeDAM)

i. To campaign for free accessible sanitary products for Durham students; ii. To educate and help raise awareness around menstruation including that not all students who menstruate self-define as women; iii. To tackle the taboos around menstruation including providing a space for discussion and open conversation for students; iv. To liaise with colleges including welfare offices help ensure they are supported supplying such products to their students; v. To campaign for accessible gender-neutral toilet facilities within each department including liaising with the LGBT+ Association and Autonomous Trans Campaign in working to support colleges in implementing their own; vi. To liaise with Associations, Colleges and Societies in helping to facilitate a regular SU club night to help raise such a product to support the campaign as well as charities such as the Homeless Period Campaign. vii. To provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in campaigning for accessible sanitary products, accessible gender-neutral toilets and to our Associations, Autonomous Trans Campaign, external charities and pressure groups; viii. To have an active online presence- regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter and social websites; ix. To ensure our society facilitates and aims to promote events that are accessible to all students; x. To maintain a safe and inclusive space for members in ensuring all society activities and events should be as accessible to all students who wish to participate;



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