Annual Students' Union information

Every year we invite our members to join us for our Annual Members' Meeting, where we share information about our previous year, including our finances.

Due to Covid-19 we are currently unable to hold a meeting which all our members would be able to attend. But it’s still important that we share these details with our members and stakeholders, and give you the chance to reflect on our 2018-19 year. Here we are making the information we would have shared at our Annual Members' Meeting available digitally.

Annual Report

The 2018-19 annual report includes financial information, lists of affiliations, and more information for key stakeholders about our year.

Impact report

We’re proud of how we make the future better for students, and our impact report celebrates all the ways we did this in 2018-19.

Annual Members' Meeting Minutes: 2018-19

These are a record of the meeting minutes from last year's Annual Members' Meeting.

Our affiliations

We want to make sure every student has the power and opportunity to transform their time at Durham. To help us do this, we have formed partnerships with various organisations. .

Thank You

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our members, the Trustees who have guided and supported us, and the stakeholders who we have worked alongside. These are difficult times, which are presenting many challenges to individuals and organisations across the world. We’re determined to rise to these challenges and take hold of new opportunities over the next year, with your continued support and guidance. Thank you.