Development Officer . Adam Jarvis


Hello everyone, I’m Adam, a mathematics graduate from Trevs, and I’m really excited to be your Development Officer this year. When I was applying to university, the degree I chose was all I was focussed on, with little regard for any other aspect of university life. After four years here however, this couldn’t be further from so much more then this has been fundamentally important to my time here. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to try so many new things since coming to university, whether that’s been captaining my college Ultimate Frisbee team, bouncing on a trampoline down at Queen’s Campus or sitting in my college entrance hall covered in paint; Durham has taught me so much, even outside of the lecture theatre.

Since starting Durham, I’ve grown and developed through everything I’ve gotten involved in and I’m passionate to ensure that others are afforded the same opportunities. As your Development Officer, I am here to create and run training programmes and initiatives to develop students’ skills and enhance your employability. I want to make sure that students can have the best time possible at Durham, whilst also ensuring you have the best chances possible once you leave.


The Direction of the Union Every year your Student Officers will work on three priority objectives, and our new officers are working on developing these priorities right now.  These are not the only areas they will be working on, but they are their key focus. They report on their progress towards these priorities during Assembly and we will publish updates here on the website.

0191 3341777

1. I will...
give students the chance to explore their career options for life after university #WorkInsights
Because in a competitive job market, a good degree is no longer enough and students need to better their understanding and gain more experience before the next stage of life #UniversityIsJustTheStart.


2. I will ...
ensure Durham Students’ Union supports DUCK so they can be the best they can be #HelpingDUCK
Because they raise loads of money for many great causes and we could help them do even more #ToInfinityAndBeyond


3. I will ...
work with the Colleges to make the university better for everyone #SupportingCommonRooms
Because a strong, productive and constructive relationship between the colleges and the SU is in the best interest of all students #StrongerTogether



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