Community Officer . Jo Gower


Hello everyone, I’m Jo, a Psychology graduate from St Cuthbert’s Society, former Welfare Officer for Cuth’s, and former President of the Durham LGBT+ Association. I have absolutely loved my three years at Durham, and have steadily evolved into someone very different from the nervous fresher I was when I started. For me, being at Durham is about more than our wonderful academic achievements. It’s about exploring who we are in the world, as members of our community, and as people.
However, I am also very aware of the issues we face as students. I want every student to have an even better time at university than I have had, and be able to receive any assistance you need in order to have a full and enjoyable university experience.


My aim for this year is; I As your Community Officer, I will be championing equality and diversity, student health and wellbeing, supporting your Associations and campaigns, and improving non-academic student facilities. I look forward to working with all students to make Durham a community we can be even more proud of, and ensure that every student is given enough support to enable them to navigate university with happiness and confidence.


The Direction of the Union Every year your Student Officers will work on three priority objectives, and our new officers are working on developing these priorities right now.  These are not the only areas they will be working on, but they are their key focus. They report on their progress towards these priorities during Assembly and we will publish updates here on the website.

0191 334 1777

1. I will...
improve representation for underrepresented students, within the Union, University, and nationally.
Because all students deserve to be represented to ensure the best possible student experience for all. .


2. I will ...
change attitudes about sexual violence and harassment.
Because all students have the right to live without fear of sexual violence and harassment.


3. I will ...
improve the experience of students with disabilities.
Because students with disabilities are entitled to as good a university experience as anyone else.

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