Activities Officer . Kara-Jane Senior


Hello! I’m Kara and I’m your Activities Officer. I am a Natural Sciences graduate from Castle (University College) and have already held the position as Activities Officer for a year. When I was a student I was a society president and a societies rep on Societies Committee, as well as being a member of a few student groups. Student groups were a massive part of my student experience. In them I found some of my closest friends and some of the best memories of university life. I learnt and developed a lot of skills such as event organisation, marketing and most importantly leadership, which ultimately led me to run for this position. I would definitely recommend getting involved in one or two (or more) student groups if you want to diversify your student experience and learn things outside of your degree.

The Direction of the Union Every year your Student Officers will work on three priority objectives, and our new officers are working on developing these priorities right now.  These are not the only areas they will be working on, but they are their key focus. They report on their progress towards these priorities during Assembly and we will publish updates here on the website.

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1. I will...
show how participation in student activities benefits and improves students’ experience at Durham, because this research will enable students, employers and wider society to understand the importance of our work.


2. I will ...
make Durham SU processes easier for student groups, because our most dedicated volunteers deserve our best efforts to make their work hassle-free, and rewarding.


3. I will ...
make sure Durham SU supports all student groups to provide outstanding experiences for their members, because we need to assure basic standards and celebrate outstanding achievements in one, simple, process.

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